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7 neat tricks for getting the cheapest train tickets

By sophie on
In: Cheap Train Tickets

7 neat tricks for getting the cheapest train tickets

More cheap train tickets with ticketclever

Below are 7 neat tricks for getting the cheapest train tickets. At ticketclever, we've made it our business to get the best train ticket prices. Having worked in the industry for quite some time, we know many clever ways to save. So we'd like everyone armed with this save-tacular info. But as we can't personally accompany everyone through the booking process, we've made a cheap train ticket finder that can. Ta-da! A few prototypes later ticketclever is here! It uses a smart algorithm to get you the best possible price for your journey.

1. Split ticketing

Breaking your journey up into segments, and buying separate tickets for each part, can cost way less than buying end-to-end. You might come away with a fist full of tickets, but you'll save anywhere from a couple of quid to 90 - particularly on longer routes. We do this for you automatically but also have a guide to split ticketing so you can see how it works.

2. Groupsave

Most train companies offer group train tickets (AKA GroupSave) for groups of between 3 and 9 people travelling together. Each person saves up to 1/3 on their rail travel - similar to what a Railcard will save you where it is possible to use one. Which brings us to...

3. Railcards

There are various Railcards that can save you up to 1/3 off rail travel - the most common exist for those 25 and under, over 60, disabled, in a family or a couple and who travel within specific areas - the most widely used perhaps being the Network Railcard - which covers a large area of South East England. Check out our railcards post to see which you might be eligible for. Remember that there are restrictions - on many routes you will not usually be permitted to use them for journeys before 10am or after 4.30pm - so it's mostly off-peak travel that's covered. Which brings us on to?

4. Off peak travel

If you can travel between 10am and 4.30pm, train travel can be dramatically cheaper than at the peak times (the busiest times - when people are travelling to work). There are however exceptions in some cases. Compare the price of trains at peak times with those that are off-peak to spot the anomalous cheaper peak trains (often the ones that take a little longer).

5. Two singles

A lot of the time, the price of a return ticket will be the same or cheaper than buying two singles (otherwise everyone would be buying singles the whole time and there wouldn't be as much point in a return fare). But in some cases, two singles are cheaper. On ticketclever - we will automatically work out if two singles are cheaper, and if they are, you will have the option to buy two single tickets for your journey.

6. Child fares

All children under 5 travel free as long as they do not take up a seat that a fare-paying passenger requires. Many train operators also provide big discounts for children between the ages of 5 and 15. On routes where child discounts are offered, it may be a good idea to buy all the other tickets in advance with us and to purchase the kids tickets on the day at the ticket window when you go to pick up the other tickets. Be sure to check that the amount you will save buying kids tickets is more than if you were to use a family and friends railcard. More about child fares.

7. Advance Purchase Travel

By far the cheapest way to save money travelling by train in the UK is to book in Advance. Train companies should release fares 90 days in advance, so if you know you're visiting a friend/relative/ dog or going to a conference/meeting a few months in advance - keep checking online so you can get the cheapest ticket when they are released. The above are some of the main ways to get cheaper train tickets in the UK. If you have any good hacks yourself, please let us know! Email us here... feedback@ticketclever.com.
Sophie | 03-05-2017
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