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Cookie Policy

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Our website www.ticketclever.com ("the Website") and iOS Application and Android Application mobile applications ("the Mobile Applications") which allow you to consult timetables and ticket prices for a selected journey and book tickets directly on the Website and Mobile Applications (hereinafter referred to as "the Booking Service") use cookies (or similar tracking to cookies for our Mobile Applications) to distinguish you from other users of our Booking Service. This helps us to provide you with a good experience when you use the features of our Website and Mobile Applications and also allows us to improve these services.

By using our Website and our Mobile Applications you are agreeing to the use of cookies (or tracking similar to cookies) by us and our carefully selected third-party partners as described below and in our Privacy Policy.

1. What is a cookie?

1.1. A "cookie" is a small text file that is placed on a user's device hard drive by a website or mobile application. There are several types of cookie and the most common are often referred to as 'session' cookies. These are used to keep track of information needed by a user as they travel within a website or mobile application. These cookies have a short lifetime and expire within a few minutes of the user leaving the website.

1.2. Other types of cookies can be used to track internet activity after the user has left a website. These are usually sponsored by organisations external to the website being visited and are generally known as 'third-party' cookies. These usually have a long lifetime with several months being quite common. They are 'harvested' and 'refreshed' whenever the user visits a page where the same or a similar cookie is being used.

2. Cookies which are strictly necessary

We use the following cookies on the Website.

2.1. "Session ID" - This is a session cookie and allows for the maintenance of the online basket. They are created each time you visit us and are automatically deleted when you close your browser. They remember the fact you're logged in and remember the selections that you make as you use the Website.

2.2. "User ID"- session cookies used for the secure maintenance of a signed-in customer.

Web analytics / Marketing effectiveness cookies collect anonymous data to help us understand customer behaviour so we can make our Booking Service better. They tell us which bits of the Website customers use the most and flag up any problems so we can fix them quickly. They also tell us how customers find the Website (for example via online adverts and search engines), so we know how effectively we are marketing.

3. Third party cookies

3.1. Third party service providers may install their own cookies.

3.2. Third-party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on someone's past visits to our Website.

3.3. You may opt out of a third-party vendor's use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

4. Why do we need to use these cookies?

4.1. We use the information we obtain from our cookies for the following:

  • Website usage and analytics;
  • To track your journey from page to page to enable the booking and payment process to function;
  • Tracking purchases to measure the effectiveness of search and marketing campaigns.
5. Blocking and deleting

5.1. Internet browsers normally accept cookies by default; however, it is possible to set a browser to reject cookies. If this is done it is important not to exclude the benign and useful session cookies.

5.2. Please note that this may impact on the usability of ours and other websites.